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Monthly Archives: December 2017

The Eco-Friendly Way to Create Business Cards

Business cards are a simple necessity that the majority of businesses create, print and distribute in hope of gaining new clients. However, as business cards are usually printed on either paper or cardboard, business owners are becoming concerned over how much damage they cause the environment. It goes without saying that we believe offices should […]

Are Eco-Friendly Materials Ready to Overtake Conventional?

With many homeowners and business owners making the change towards a greener future, experiments and research have been carried out to ensure eco-friendly materials are used in place of conventional materials such as plastic. Professor Kim Pickering Back in October 2017, Professor Kim Pickering declared that after 20 years of researching biodegradable, bio-derived and recyclable […]

Transforming Your Rented Office Into an Eco-Friendly Working Environment

Researching ways to help transform your rented office into an eco-friendly working environment is the start of your green office transition. In order to help make this task as easy as possible for you, we have a variety of services on offer and have placed some of our green office tips below to get your […]

UK Offices are Failing to Become Eco-Friendly

Each day, offices in the UK consume large amounts of energy due to the constant use of computers, air conditioning, lights, printers and kitchens. This is one of the main contributing factors as to why offices in the UK produce 250 million tonnes of harmful emissions and waste each year. The average cost of this […]

How is Glass Recycled?

Now that we have covered the basics on recycling paper and recycling plastic in previous blog posts, we can draw our attention to another common waste product, glass. With nearly 30 million glass bottles and jars making their way to landfill each year, it is of utmost importance that glass is recycled and not sent […]