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Monthly Archives: January 2018

Your Local Same Day Office Suppliers – Why You Should Choose Global Office Supplies

Are you based in London and looking for same day office suppliers? Are you working towards a green office and need services at the ready? Look no further than Global Office Supplies, we’ve got just what you need. About Us Global Office Supplies are proud to make a difference and help companies just like yours […]

Four Energy Saving Items Every Office Should Have

When it comes to transforming your office and working towards your green emissions targets, it is essential that offices have green procedures in place and purchase or install systems to enhance them. To do this, there are four main items you could purchase: 1. Energy Saving Light Bulbs Energy saving light bulbs are an easy […]

All New Green Office Ideas for 2018

2018 has only just begun and as motivation increases we relish in the ideas of new opportunities, and aim to achieve our targets, it is important that business owners incorporate green office ideas for 2018 and onwards. There are many ways in which businesses can work towards becoming a green office, the main five being: […]

Inspirational Green Offices from Around the World

Transitioning to a green office is becoming more of a focus for many business owners and we are extremely happy about that. We think all offices should transition to become eco-friendly and work towards lowering the toxic emissions offices create on a daily basis. To give you some inspiration for transforming your office, we have […]