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Monthly Archives: November 2018

Do You Know Your Company’s Visions and Values?

Studies, conducted by Rungway, show that more than half of UK workers would find it difficult to recite the visions and values of the company they work for. Who are Most Likely to be Able to Recite Their Company’s Visions and Values? Younger vs Older The study shows that younger workers, aged between 25 and […]

Keep Warm in the Office this Winter

It’s pretty clear now that winter is here, and it’s here to stay… at least for the next few months anyway. Dark nights and cold mornings make most of us less motivated and dread the cold commute. After waiting at a bus stop or scraping the ice from our cars in sub-zero temperatures it’s important […]

A Rise in Upmarket Stationery

Stationery is used in most industries from offices to schools, no business can operate without at least a pen, some paper and a good stapler. While bulk purchases of non-brand stationery and equipment are perfectly acceptable and serve the purposes perfectly well, we have seen upmarket stationery become increasingly popular over the last few years, […]

Winter Is Coming – Be Prepared

The winter months and dark nights are drawing near and the record summer temperatures are soon to be a distant memory. In recent years many of us have found ourselves ill-equipped when it comes to winter, with extreme cold weather leaving us stranded and forced to close business until the cold snap is over. Now […]

The Hybrid Chair Trend

In the interest of wellbeing, many companies around the UK are investing in Hybrid Chairs for the workplace. The importance surrounding supportive and adaptive posture seating and the evolving workplace has lead to increased investment in creating the new seating option known as Hybrid Chairs. What are Hybrid Chairs? Hybrid Chairs incorporate many features of […]