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Monthly Archives: December 2018

Top Stationery Stocking Fillers

We’d like to think by now that all your Christmas shopping is complete and everyone is beginning to wind down for the big day. The truth of the matter is, that this is pretty unlikely and that thousands of people will be flocking to their local shopping centres on the last weekend before Christmas, frantically […]

Five Tips for Surviving the Office Christmas Party

Christmas is nearly upon us and many of us are letting our hair down at our annual Christmas office parties. However, we’ve all heard the horror stories. I’m sure all of you know at least one person who knows someone that has been disciplined or sacked for inappropriate behaviour at their Christmas party, so here […]

Turning Plastic Waste into Office Furniture

Plastic waste is a massive global issue. It is predicted that this year alone, eight billion kilograms of plastic waste will enter the world’s rivers, seas, canals and walkways posing very real threats to both animals and humans. Plastic is cheap and durable so it is widely used by many companies and production levels are […]

Is Your Office Taking Recycling Seriously?

How high does waste management and recycling rank in order of importance in your office? If it’s still a low priority, it’s time to consider taking it more seriously. According to a survey conducted by Ecover, an ecological household brand, 36% of the British public are in support of issuing fines or taxes for industry […]