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A Rise in Upmarket Stationery

Upmarket Stationery
Stationery is used in most industries from offices to schools, no business can operate without at least a pen, some paper and a good stapler. While bulk purchases of non-brand stationery and equipment are perfectly acceptable and serve the purposes perfectly well, we have seen upmarket stationery become increasingly popular over the last few years, with many people becoming more interested in purchasing stationery for personal use too. But why now? Why are people becoming more interested, and more willing to invest in upmarket stationery?

Less is more

There is less of a reliance on stationery these days. People don’t need to write as much. Nowadays, writing is more of a novelty, and with this, comes more interest. Now, when people put pen to paper, they care about the quality of the pen they are using, the colour of the ink and the quality of paper they are writing on.

Standing out from the Crowd

There is a surge of people looking to stand out from the crowd by seeking stylish and unusual stationery items. Not just designer pens, but diaries and notepads and leather bound organisers that were popular in the 80s are once again becoming popular. As everyone knows, you’re much more likely to be remembered or held in higher regard if you pull out a nice pen in a meeting. No one is saying that it has to break the bank either, a good stylish pen doesn’t have to cost the earth and could last you for the rest of your life.


In our modern age, we rely more and more on digital and electronic gadgets – almost all of our writing (notes, letters, messages) is done on computers. This creates a yearning for traditional crafts and values, such as a charming handwritten note. Even the art of calligraphy is making a resurgence.

Selecting the right stationery for the job

Every piece of stationery has its purpose. While upmarket stationery is becoming increasingly popular, it’s not always necessary, cost-effective or good for the environment. Always consider your options, if you are looking for pens to stock the office that are likely to get lost or broken, then opt for something reliable that won’t break the bank. If you are sending your team out to client meetings, then consider something a bit more stylish. Likewise, for your paper supplies, stylish notepads can create a great impression, but the standard quality paper should suit your internal printing needs.

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