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Are Attitudes to Single-Use Plastic Really Changing?

Plastic Shopping
In the current war on plastic, we are forever looking for ways in which we can cut down on single-use plastic. So far this has ranged from banning plastic straws and using reusable bottles to drink from to introducing a charge for plastic carrier bags when we do our shopping. Understandably, things aren’t going to change overnight but, as the war wages on, people are becoming more conscious of the effects the human race has on the planet and are starting to take account of their actions.

Many consumers claim that they are doing their part to combat single-use plastic. But are they really?

All Talk and Little Action

A recent report, produced by Green Alliance, found that 48% of shoppers aged between 18 and 34 claimed to have turned their backs on their regular food brands, citing ‘attitude to packaging’ as the reason.

However, unfortunately, not all is as it seems. According to supermarket representatives, shopper’s buying habits were not reflecting their claims.

Supermarket representatives say that there is a clear and consistent trend of consumers saying that they are already avoiding what they understand to be single-use plastics. But the challenge is, that is claimed behaviour and is not yet being observed as actual behaviour.

On top of this, Greenpeace recently reported that, despite promises to tackle the plastic problem, the plastic footprint of seven of the ten biggest supermarkets actually increased last year.

We Must Continue the Fight Against Plastic

Despite these worrying statistics, it is important that we don’t get disheartened. Change doesn’t happen overnight. Every small change we make contributes to a bigger impact. Doing everything we can to reduce, reuse and recycle plastic will start to make a difference and encourage others to get on board.

There are things we can all do in our homes and offices to promote responsible plastic use, from cutting out disposal cups to using products made from recycled materials. You can see some more of our suggestions for reducing plastic usage in our blog post: What Can You do to Reduce Plastic Pollution?

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