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Are Eco-Friendly Materials Ready to Overtake Conventional?

With many homeowners and business owners making the change towards a greener future, experiments and research have been carried out to ensure eco-friendly materials are used in place of conventional materials such as plastic.

Professor Kim Pickering

Back in October 2017, Professor Kim Pickering declared that after 20 years of researching biodegradable, bio-derived and recyclable composite materials, she has found a way to make almost any household furniture or appliance out of sustainable materials. Infact, she also believes that there is no need for new plastics to still be produced at all. Most of these materials can also be used to make green office supplies and household items.

So, What Can They Be Made from Instead?

As opposed to conventional household materials relying heavily on new plastic, Pickering believes that instead, household appliances and furniture can be made from scrap or recycled plastic, cornmeal gluten or cornstarch, hemp, and harakeke (flax). As well as this, houses could even be insulated using waste chicken feathers in order to become eco-friendly and lower toxic pollutants.

However, while these findings seem to have a lot of companies interested, no one has yet made this transformation due to the items not being found on the shelves at local stores, and can be quite expensive to produce.

Until these materials are mass-produced, the more expensive it will be to make this change, and no one is really willing to take the leap just yet.

What Do We Think?

As Global Office Supplies specialise in cutting down costs on the products your office consumes on a daily basis. We believe that if proved to be effective, these findings could make a real change to the levels of waste and toxic fumes offices produce each year.

Not only this, but using sustainable materials to create green office supplies will help companies lead the way towards their green energy targets and help turn their office into an eco-friendly working environment.

We are all for it and advise companies to look into this further and find other ways of making this transition, but we are excited to see if this will catch on and come into effect?

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