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ATTENTION SMALL BUSINESSES: Here are Some Top Tips on How You Can Become an Eco-Friendly Office

There are many ways as to how you can transform your office into an eco-friendly environment. Therefore, we have decided to bring some of our favourite, simple, yet effective ways on how you can do just that…

1. Purchase Green Office Supplies

Purchasing green office supplies and stationery is essential as it will drastically reduce your impact on the environment and help lower the amount of waste that is sent to landfill sites. Not only do Global Office Supplies offer a wide range of green office supplies, but we go the extra mile and collect your old stationery to send it off for recycling too.

2. Recycle

It goes without saying that recycling should be a part of your office’s everyday practice as it helps reduce rubbish within landfills, clean the environment and save energy and money. From this process, we are able to create brand new products from the waste we wanted to get rid of.

Global Office Supplies offer recycling services right at the click of a button. As well as helping save the environment, we also help you save costs along the way. We not only offer excellent recycling services, but we also collect your recycling using our very own low emission vehicles and can collect around 96% of your office waste. In fact, whatever you leave, we can most likely recycle it!

3. Lower Your Paper Usage

Printing hundreds of pieces of paper each day or producing mass amounts of paperwork is damaging to the environment as it increases your energy consumption and creates high levels of office waste. Therefore, to avoid this you should start keeping a record of how much paper is printed and encourage your coworkers to store their files electronically, only printing essential documents as and when needed.

However, if you do need to print paper documents, Global Office Supplies offer a same day paper delivery service, as well as a paper shredding service whereby we collect, shred and recycle all of your paper waste.

4. Work From Home

Remote working is another great way to transition your office and staff into a sustainable environment/individuals as they do not need to burn more power at work or use emissions and fuel to get to work. Why not introduce this once a week? Or give different staff members a different day remote working?

Not only is this better for the environment, but it also enhances a work-life balance to some degree.

5. Encourage Your Staff

In order to encourage your staff to start taking on green initiatives, you could offer them rewards for their efforts and success. Why not praise them for their hard work with half a day off? Or even introducing doughnut day? You can find out more about reward ideas here.

How Can We Help?

Global Office Supplies specialise in cutting down costs on the products your office consumes on a daily basis. As well as this, we offer excellent recycling services to help companies lead the way towards their green energy targets and help turn their office into an eco-friendly working environment.

We can collect a wide range of materials such as glass, plastic, toner cartridges and cardboard and we can also offer our own eco-friendly toner cartridges to help you restock once you have sent your old ones off for recycling without harming the environment.