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The Trials and Tribulations of the Modern Office Routine

Studies show that the modern office routine could be contributing to a lack of motivation, poor health and low mood among employees. Employee wellbeing is an important consideration for many offices around the world and is often a constant balancing act. However, research indicates that a few aspects of our office routine are likely having […]

Does Your Office Need a Recharge Room?

When we talk about a recharge room, we’re not talking about a designated room in which your employees can go to recharge the batteries in their devices, but more so, somewhere they can go to recharge their own batteries. Employee health and wellbeing is a huge talking point as the modern office continues to evolve. […]

Halloween Office Ideas

Halloween is fast approaching and people all over the world are getting excited for the spookiest day of the year. Getting involved and creating a fun and frightening environment for your office can boost spirits and morale within your teams, and it doesn’t have to involve expensive decorations. Here are some tips for decorating your […]

What’s Lurking in Your Keyboard?

Take a look at your keyboard, what can you see lurking in there? Better still, turn it over and give it a gentle tap on the back. What can you see? Crumbs? Dust? Hair? It’s pretty disgusting, right? I hate to tell you this, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Studies show that […]

How to Create the Perfect Home Office

When working from home or away from the office, it can be difficult to be productive. It’s important to set up your working environment so you can remain focused and achieve your goals. Here are some tips for creating the perfect home office. Colour, Colour, Colour You might not think that colour is important. However, […]