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Do You Know Your Company’s Visions and Values?

Company Vision and Values

Studies, conducted by Rungway, show that more than half of UK workers would find it difficult to recite the visions and values of the company they work for.

Who are Most Likely to be Able to Recite Their Company’s Visions and Values?

Younger vs Older

The study shows that younger workers, aged between 25 and 34 are more likely to be able to recite their company’s visions and values. They are also the ones that are most likely to say the current vision and values have too much corporate jargon.

Older workers, aged above 45, are less likely to be able to recite their company’s vision.

Sectors and Industries

Out of all the surveyed sectors, those that work in IT were the most likely to be able to recite their company’s vision, while bankers were the most likely to be able to recite company values.

On the flipside, healthcare workers were the least likely to be able to recite their company’s vision and property workers were least likely to be able to recite the company values.

From all the sectors involved in the survey, IT workers were also the most likely sector to want to be involved in contributing to their company’s vision and values.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, those in the marketing sector are the most likely to feel that their company’s vision and values don’t reflect what the company is actually like.

In an ever-evolving climate, boards are aiming their focus on employer branding and must create compelling narratives that motivate the staff they have to stay onside.

Communicate Your Vision

A company’s mission statement should represent an organisation’s purpose and inspire employees to contribute to its visions and values. Research indicates that more workers want to be more involved with contributing to visions and values but most are unable. Therefore, it’s important for companies to work harder towards engaging their people in the process and encourage everyone to find their voice.

Don’t Forget Sustainability

Sustainability should be a part of every company’s mission. Incorporating sustainability into your organisation’s mission, vision or values statements informs and aligns key stakeholders with your sustainability commitment.

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