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Does Your Office Need a Recharge Room?

Office Meditation

When we talk about a recharge room, we’re not talking about a designated room in which your employees can go to recharge the batteries in their devices, but more so, somewhere they can go to recharge their own batteries.

Employee health and wellbeing is a huge talking point as the modern office continues to evolve. Many organisations are introducing initiatives such as on-site gyms, sit-stand desks and more nutritional options in cafeterias to help staff to de-stress, improve motivation, reduce tiredness and increase performance. The question is, is all this really necessary? While encouraging employees to exercise and eat healthily is going to help them in the long run, is it really the best solution?

Providing the opportunity for employees to take themselves out of their workspace and get some much-needed respite is valuable. A lot of offices now provide a breakout area and scheduled time for employees to get away from their desks. But is this enough to maintain a good sense of well being?

A recent and popular concept among modern organisations is to provide a “recharge room” to provide a relaxing environment for employees, one that doesn’t include weights or treadmills, but one that promotes rest and tranquillity. Recharge rooms are appearing in many formats, but some of the more popular include:

Electronics-Free Room

Technology is slowly taking over our lives. There is no escaping it, even our offices are technology led these days. With the health warnings given in relation to our reliance on technology, providing an electronics-free room could go a long way to improving the wellbeing of your employees – an opportunity to disconnect from the Internet world and spend the time to reflect and deal with both personal and business matters and get a better perspective on life. An electronics-free room will also provide some time away from the screen, give your eyes a rest and avoid information overload.

Meditation/Yoga Room

This type of room benefits anyone who has an interest in yoga or is keen to learn meditation techniques. Research shows that just five minutes of meditation can help improve sleep, concentration and focus throughout the entire working day. For workers that deal with high amounts of stress and pressure on a daily basis a meditation or yoga room could help them get the release they need. Remember, not everyone wants to relieve tension through exercise. For some, somewhere quiet with a floor mat and some soothing music is more important.

Spa or Massage Room

Treating employees to a spa day, or enlisting the help of a local massage therapist may already be a part of employee wellbeing policies. A brief ten-minute spell sat in a massage chair is proven to relieve the pressure on joints and nerves. A spa or massage room can be an effective means of tackling stress and promoting well-being in the office.

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