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Glastonbury Arena Made From Recycled Plastic

Festival Recycled Plastic

The plastic crisis is one of the biggest challenges the earth currently faces. With millions of tonnes of plastic winding up in our oceans each year, it’s more important than ever to do what we can to reduce our plastic use and protect the environment.

Shangri-La Glastonbury

To create awareness and tackle the rising plastic issue, Glastonbury festival has announced that their ‘Gas Tower’ dance arena in the Shangri-La area of the festival will be made entirely from recycled plastic. The project, a 360-degree arena that will feature artists and electronic DJs such as Subfocus and Bicep, will require 10 tonnes of plastic which will be collected from beaches, streets and parks in Cornwall, Devon and Somerset between the 11th and 23rd May.

The rubbish collected will be processed by Exeter City Council before being recycled into materials to build the stage.

Inspiring the World

The scheme, run by Keep Britain Tidy and the Orca Sound Project in collaboration with Shangri-La Glastonbury, will see tonnes of plastic removed from the environment and put to good use, ultimately helping to preserve wildlife and marine life.

Keep Britain Tidy also hope that they can show the world that plastic that we no longer need or want can be repurposed into something useful.

Glastonbury has also banned the sale of plastic bottles at this year’s festival and is encouraging festival-goers to avoid single-use plastic and fill reusable containers at the water stations provided.

Doing Your Bit

We can all do our bit to reduce the amount of plastic waste we produce. Avoiding single-use plastic, recycling unwanted plastic and buying products made from recycled materials all helps to minimise the amount of plastic that pollutes our environment.

Not Just at Home

It’s not just at home that we can make a difference, we can also make a difference in our offices and places of work. By purchasing eco-friendly office supplies, recycled toners, paper and employing proper waste management companies, we can not only make our businesses more eco-friendly but inspire colleagues and peers to do the same at home too.

There are thousands of eco-friendly products available. However, one that really catches our attention is the Pilot B2P (Bottle to Pen) pen that is made from a recycled bottle. It is not only a great pen to write with, but its unique design reflects that of a drinking water bottle and really makes a statement about the origins of the pen and its users’ commitment to the environment.

Remember, we are all responsible for planet earth and its inhabitants. Let’s make a stand and do everything in our power to preserve and protect it.

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