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5 Ways to Make Your Office Party Eco-Friendly

As we approach party season, there are hundreds of office parties taking place across the country.
And rightly so, it’s been a long year, we’ve worked hard and now it’s time to let our hair down!

That doesn’t mean we can put our social corporate responsibility on hold!
We’ve compiled the top 5 ways to make your office party more eco-friendly:

1. Email Invitations
Send digital invites to guests to reduce paper waste and make it effortless to RSVP

2. Eat Local
Plan your menu around foods that are grown locally, as well as those that are in season

3. Lose the Disposables
Use reusable decorations, plates and utensils to reduce waste and cut costs

4. Provide Recycling Bins
Clearly label recycle bins, and place in prominent positions next to garbage bins

5. Give Green Gifts or Do Without Secret Santa
Give eco-friendly or recycled gifts that won’t be thrown away after the party, or do without a gift exchange

As always, we’ve got a huge range of recycled office products, so head over to our Shop or get in contact with us to see how we can save you money whilst saving the environment!

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