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How Your Office Could be Affecting your Productivity!

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We all want to live nice comfortable lives, but unfortunately this often means spending hours in an office and at a desk to just live for the weekends.

So before I move on, let me just ask you a few questions:

– Are you straining to see whats on your computer screen?
– Do you adjust your head up or down to view your screen?
– Are you elbows in front of your body because you are too far away from your keyboard?
– Are your shoulders tense or is your head leaning forward?
– Is there pressure on your hamstrings from your chair?

If the answer to any of the above is YES, then your desk/workstation has poor ergonomics.
With most of us spending 30+ hours at our desks each week, having an uncomfortable space to work in is costing us a lot more than a few packs of paracetamol. Studies have shown that those who experience repetitive strain injuries from a poor work space, they are around 20% less productive than normal, and even less productive if they keep needing time off work to visit the doctor!

With winter fast approaching, now more than ever is the perfect time to re-evaluate your office and upgrade that chair with the lumpy back or that desk that’s too small to fit your knees under.

Here at Global Office Supplies, we can help you decide on the best furniture for your office. We have a huge range of desks, chairs, back rests, storage units and much more.

Whilst you’re there, check out our recycled and re-usable products available, just head over to our shop to see how we can show you how to be green at work!

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