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Recycling at its Finest

In case you haven’t heard, Sweden are in the Champions League of Recycling.
Whilst the rest of the world manage to recycle a considerable amount of their waste, a large proportion of it still ends up in landfill. Sweden on the other hand have developed and implemented a process whereby less than 1% ends up in landfill! They still produce the same amount of waste as everyone else, however it’s their 32 Waste-to-Energy (WTE) plants that incinerate over 2 million tons of waste and use the heat to produce steam which in turn spin huge generator turbines to produce electricity. This is then transferred to the countries national grid and distributed nationally.

Whilst the rest of us continue to produce a huge amount of waste that still goes into landfill, let’s figure out how we can reduce that and Go Green at Work!

We’ve got a huge range of recycled and reusable products available, from Recycled Paper to our Free Toner Recycling Service!

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