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Recycling by the Numbers


We all know that recycling is something that we should do… but do we all know WHY we should recycle more?

Recycling for the most part helps reduce the strain of the manufactured world we live in has on the environment and help preserve the natural beauty of this planet we call Earth.
But it also serves a purpose not many people are familiar with… It actually helps boost the economy!

Recycling a ton of ‘waste’ has twice the economic impact of burying it in the ground. In addition, recycling one additional ton of waste will pay £101 more in salaries and wages, produce £275 more in goods and services, and generate “135 more in sales than disposing of it in a landfill.

At Global Office Supplies we like to think of ourselves as both Planet Savers and Economy Boosters… providing an all round service to benefit our Green Office friends and also, the more capital driven people among us.

The Green Stationery we have available to order is the most diverse and comprehensive in the UK and we refuse to be beaten on price or service!

So get in touch today, our recycled paper options are huge and we can help you with any of your Green office needs!

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