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Today’s Tips for Going Green!

Here at Global Office Supplies, we’re always looking for new ways to help ourselves be green at work, so we can help you in your quest for a green office.

There’s tonnes of things you can do to recycle more, and re-use items that you would normally buy over and over. We’ve sourced a list of 6 tips below we think you should do to get your eco-friendly office firing on all cylinders!

1: From a caustic free and fume free oven cleaner for Google to a triclosan free anti-bacterial hand soap for Waitrose, at Delphis Eco we continue to push the boundaries to create award winning innovation.

2: Set up a green ideas scheme which encourages and rewards lean, green thinking in your company.

3: Go for a walk around your office and find five things that need changing – aim to get them done by the new year.

4: Get creative with your office junk – make a bench for your diner or a stunning art piece for your reception!

5: Get social! Link up with likeminded eco-warriors via the Global Office Supplies twitter feed and Facebook pages. Tell the us what you’ve done this week to improve your office’s Green Rating.

6: Nobody can do everything but EVERYONE can do SOMETHING!

Once you’re done with the above, head over to our shop and check out our huge range of Green Office Stationery. We specialise in reusable products and recycled paper to help you go Green at Work!

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