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Toner Refilling!

toner cartridges

Over 40 million toner cartridges go into UK landfills each year. Every cartridge that has been thrown away can take up to 1000 years to decompose having disastrous effects now and also for generations to come.

Rather than your toners ending up in landfill with all the other 95% of cartridges – we refill and repackage them with the same ink quality and page life as an original.
We also collect and recycle all of your used toners in your office completely free of charge and they don’t even need to be in their original boxes or packaging!

Why not pay up to 60% less than an original toner and lower your companies carbon footprint at the same time?

If you have a list of the toner cartridges that your company currently use we can prove to you with a price comparison exactly how much you can save.

At Global Office Supplies we pride ourselves on our premium range of Green Office Stationery. We not only help you recycle your toner cartridges, we can also offer a huge range of recycled paper types and thousands more to help you be Green at Work!

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