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Green Office Supplies presents.. Mushroom Packaging!!

Plastics are a major source of pollution. What if we could replace them with new materials created by… mushrooms??

Well US company Ecovative have sought to find an answer to make business packaging more environmentally friendly by using the plant. In the past, energy saving companies have tried using discarded eggshells to bananas as a source of creating bioplastics. But instead of creating bioplastics from plants, Ecovative want to replaceplastics outright with a mushroom-based material that it grows.

The company in the past has worked on everything from insulation grown inside a house to a replacement for styrofoam that’s grown on agricultural biowaste (discarded corn stalks) that it buys from farmers. The company first ventured into this field when they developed a product called a product called Mycobond which they used to replace the plastic packaging for peanuts! However the science is that it takes just one-eighth of the energy and one-10th of the carbon dioxide when compared to the production of traditional foam packing material and the best part is that you can add these shipping supplies to the compost bin once your package arrives safe and sound!

The product at the moment is far from being made readily available for mainstream purchase, however you can keep tabs on the company’s progress on their website and in the meantime contact us here at Global for environmentally friendly packaging that you can purchase today!