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How Many Trees are Left on Earth?

If you’ve ever wondered how many trees there are left on this wonderful planet of ours, you’re not the only one!
Luckily new research into this question has finally provided us with one of the most accurate counts: 3.04 Trillion!

According to those who carried out the research, this finding has an expected accuracy of 95% which is about eight times more accurate than previous calculations.
Sadly though this also suggests that the number of trees has fallen a huge 46% since the dawn of human civilisation.

The study was led by Yale University and was published in the Nature journal, with the tree count being made using a combination of satelite imagery and more than 400,000 ground measurements.

The study also looked at the decline of tree levels and came to the conclusion that over the past 12 years, there was a gross loss of more than 15 Billion trees every year and a net loss of 10 billion when regrowth was taken into account.

I think it’s safe to say that as a civilisation, we are having a drastic effect on the planet and the environment. Which is why we should do everything we can to try and save the environment.

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