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How to Choose the Most Eco-Friendly Flooring For Your Office

Transforming your office into to a green office is becoming more of a focus for many business owners, and we are extremely happy about that. We think that all offices should transition to become eco-friendly and work towards lowering the toxic emissions and waste offices create on a daily basis.

There are many ways in which an office can be adapted to become more eco-friendly; using green office supplies, recycling paper and toner, employing energy saving practices etc. But, did you know that the type of flooring you chose can have an impact on your carbon footprint? There are many eco-friendly ways to update or replace your flooring if your office is in need of a bit of a revamp.

Below, we have provided you with three top tips on how you can change your floor while keeping it as eco-friendly as possible.

1. Stick With The One You Have

This may sound silly, especially if you want to change your current flooring for something better, but did you know there are many ways in which you can revamp your old flooring to make it look completely brand new?

You could start by taking it up and sanding it down. This will give you the opportunity to paint, varnish or stain the wood to go with your new office theme. If you are unsure on how to do this, there are many DIY tutorials out there to help you through. Look into this and get your team to learn some new DIY skills.

2. Why Not Consider Reclaimed Flooring?

If your flooring has seen better days and is completely unsalvageable, then we suggest opting for reclaimed flooring as this will still feel new to you, but it has not been destroyed. You could also give this a spruce up with some DIY and help the environment along the way.

3. How About Wool?

The final eco-friendly flooring is wool. Wool carpets only use a small amount of energy to create and what makes it even more sustainable is that the wool can be re-grown. It’s the perfect solution for creating sustainable, eco-friendly carpets for your office.

Why You Should Take Our Advice When it Comes to Your Office Flooring?

Global Office Supplies offer expert advice on how you can make your office sustainable and specialise in cutting down costs on the products your office consumes on a daily basis. As well as this, we create green office supplies made from sustainable materials to help companies lead the way towards their green energy targets and help turn their office into an eco-friendly working environment.

We advise companies to look into green practices further and find other ways of making this transition.

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