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Inspirational Green Offices from Around the World

Transitioning to a green office is becoming more of a focus for many business owners and we are extremely happy about that. We think all offices should transition to become eco-friendly and work towards lowering the toxic emissions offices create on a daily basis.

To give you some inspiration for transforming your office, we have chosen three of the very best green offices we’ve seen from around the world.

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Co-Operative Group HQ – England

The Co-Operative Group HQ is located in Manchester, England and employs a variety of unique, cost-effective and green initiatives that are proving effective. First of all, the Co-Operative Group have a wide range of louvres throughout the building that open to let out warm air during the summer and close to insulate the building during the winter. This means temperatures can be managed naturally and, therefore, lowers emissions.

As well as this, the Co-Operative Group generates its own source of heat through a CHP plant and use low energy IT equipment and systems, along with LED lighting. Greywater and rainwater recycling systems are also incorporated in the building for toilet flushing irrigation. This not only saves water but it also enhances the offices’ eco-friendly reputation.

Deloitte – Amsterdam

Deloitte is a large business located in The Edge, Amsterdam. The building has a large amount of solar panels, over 60,000 sq ft to be exact, both on the roof and facades. This is particularly successful as the building is located on the path of the Sun and can, therefore, generate power for hours.

As well as this, the building uses rainwater to flush toilets and light is provided by a strong LED lighting system. This LED system is integrated with over 30,000 sensors to continuously measure movements, occupancy and temperature, allowing it to adjust automatically.

The Bank of America – United States

Finally, we have the Bank of America, a company that provides an onsite cogeneration plant to generate clean and efficient power. Not only this, but the building also holds carbon dioxide monitors that automatically adjusts to the amount of fresh air in the building, cleaning it as and when needed.

Just like the previous two company’s mentioned, The Bank of America also makes use of a greywater system which re-uses rainwater to save gallons of water each year.

Where Can You Start?

Just like the three companies mentioned, you can integrate green initiatives into your office building. There are many easy and effective ways to start and help your office go green, the most simple being to:

  • Use green office supplies
  • Recycle paper, toner and other materials
  • Switch off unused appliances
  • Use an alternative, less damaging energy supply
  • Turn off all taps in the building when not being used
  • Create your own sustainability policy
  • Purchase eco-friendly office supplies

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How Can We Help?

Why Choose Global Office Supplies?

Global Office Supplies specialise in cutting down costs on the products your office consumes on a daily basis. As well as this, we create green office supplies made from sustainable materials to help companies lead the way towards their green energy targets and help turn their office into an eco-friendly working environment.

We advise companies to look into green practices further and find other ways of making this transition.

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