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Introducing the World’s First Pen Made from Recycled Bottles

Recycled Water Bottle Pens

One of the most shocking facts we’ve come across is that it’s estimated that, globally, humans buy a million plastic bottles per minute. What’s more shocking is that 91% of all plastic is not recycled. The plastic crisis is growing with currently more than eight million tonnes of plastic dumped into the world’s oceans each year. With sales of plastic bottles expected to reach over half a trillion in 2020, this is only going to become a more pressing issue.

Every plastic bottle that goes to landfill or ends up in our seas, rivers and canals takes at least 400 years to decompose. With the devastating consequences caused by plastic pollution, it is essential that everyone does what they can to reduce the amount of plastic they use.

One company taking plastic recycling seriously is Pilot. They have recently developed the Bottle to Pen (B2P) line of pens, the world’s first line of pens made from recycled plastic water bottles.

Pilot’s Bottle to Pen (B2P)

Pilot B2P Recycled Water Bottle Pen
The name says it all. The Pilot B2P is a retractable, refillable gel ink pen, which is made from recycled plastic water bottles. One bottle is enough to make two of these eco-friendly and attractive new pens that are cleverly designed to look like water bottles.

Pilot’s B2P line of pens gives consumers the opportunity to use a high-quality, eco-friendly writing implement that has a positive impact on the next generation while making a clear statement to others about their commitment to the environment.

B2P Gel pens are 89% recycled plastic bottle and available in a range of colours. The unique and stylish design of the bottle-styled barrel mirrors the recycled bottles that they are made from.

B2P pens provide excellent writing performance and are 100% refillable with a range of different colours.

Needless to say, we will be using these pens in all of our offices from now on, and we think you should too. Pilot’s B2P pens are not only cost-effective, stylish and write beautifully, but they really make a statement about your commitment to the environment and encourage others to follow in your footsteps.

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