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Is Your Office Taking Recycling Seriously?

Office Recycling
How high does waste management and recycling rank in order of importance in your office? If it’s still a low priority, it’s time to consider taking it more seriously.

According to a survey conducted by Ecover, an ecological household brand, 36% of the British public are in support of issuing fines or taxes for industry that do not take more responsibility for recycling their packaging. The survey, which gathered opinions from 2,007 general shoppers also showed that 42% of consumers are in favour of plastic free aisles in supermarkets and 83% are keen for product refills to be more widely available. Furthermore, the survey revealed that 1 in 10 people would make it a criminal offence to throw recyclable materials into a normal bin.

It’s already common knowledge that customers expect brands to operate sustainably and take more responsibility for their waste management and these findings only back it up further.

Pulling Together

Retailers are already taking steps to make a difference. Initiatives such as Iceland’s pledge to become plastic-free in its own brand goods are a good starting point, but more global brands need to get on board, take a stand and accept responsibility for their own actions. Strict laws and legislation may seem like the answer, but more brands need to start to make a difference before they are pushed.

Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is, or at least should be, part of every company’s ethical strategy and waste management should play a big part of that. This is something that should be taken seriously to reduce our impact on the environment and pave the way to a brighter future. However, social responsibility aside, there are a number of other benefits to taking control of waste management and recycling:

  • It improves employee morale
  • It keeps offices and other workplaces clean and hygienic
  • It reduces a company’s carbon footprint
  • It contributes to the efforts of the local community

… all things that will help your brand stand above the rest.

Recycling Office Consumables

These days most items we use in offices are recyclable. Old ink cartridges and toners, paper and plastic can all be recycled into new products for your business. Recycling or purchasing recycled consumables not only helps reduce waste that is sent to landfill but saves money on most office supplies.

Household recycling rates are rising and the standards being set by the general public need to be matched by businesses alike. Good waste management shows your customers that you are doing what you can to reduce your environmental impact and the financial, legal and moral obligation is too big to ignore.

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