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Keep Warm in the Office this Winter

Keep the Office Warm this Winter

It’s pretty clear now that winter is here, and it’s here to stay… at least for the next few months anyway. Dark nights and cold mornings make most of us less motivated and dread the cold commute. After waiting at a bus stop or scraping the ice from our cars in sub-zero temperatures it’s important that our working environment stays nice and warm so we can remain focused and motivated once we get to work.

However, turning up the office thermostat isn’t always the answer. This can result in heating up areas that aren’t in use and wasting energy, it can also take a long time to feel the benefit all around the office. Sometimes, all we need is a simple heater to warm us from the outside and a hot drink to warm us on the inside. But which are the best heaters to use in the office?

Fan Heaters

Fan heaters draw air across their heating elements and force the warmed air out the other side. Fan heaters can heat a room quicker than other types of heaters but they can be noisy. In a busy office, however, it shouldn’t matter too much.

Convection Heaters

Convection heaters are good for heating larger offices. Convection heaters draw in the air across their heating elements, the warmed air then spills out via the vents at the top. Convection heaters are more subtle than fan heaters, they may take longer to heat a room, but they can gently warm a room to a suitable temperature. This type of heater is particularly effective for meeting rooms, as they output little noise.

Halogen Heaters

Halogen heaters use halogen elements to produce heat. They not only provide an instant source of warmth, but the warm glow from the elements create a cosy atmosphere too. These heaters are good for huddling around but are unlikely to effectively heat a room.

Internal Heaters

Of course, nothing says warm and cosy more than a nice hot drink. Keep the cupboards stocked with tea, coffee, hot chocolate and maybe even some gingerbread hot chocolate for an extra Christmassy feel.

Staying Energy Efficient

We all have a duty to watch our carbon footprint. Make sure to keep your office as eco-friendly as possible by choosing heaters with the best energy ratings. Check out some of our tips for keeping your office green and remember, Global Office Supplies can provide green office supplies to cover all your needs.

The last thing you want to have to contend with when battling the winter elements is running out of essential office supplies. Make sure you are stocked up on paper, toner, stationery and other office essentials. If you do find yourself short, remember, Global Office Supplies can deliver cost-effective eco-friendly office supplies direct to your door. We can deliver orders placed before 2pm to most London addresses the very same day, even in adverse weather conditions.

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