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Lunchtime Plastic In The Office

Lunchtime Plastic in the OfficeWe are always talking about plastic pollution. That’s because it’s an important topic to us and helping people to realise the importance of the issue is one of Global Office Supplies’ missions. We not only want to make the world a better, cleaner and healthier place to live for all of its inhabitants, but we want to ensure it stays that way for years to come.

That’s why we have put together this little guide to help you keep plastic use in your office to an absolute minimum.

Discourage ‘On-the-Go’ Lunches

A large proportion of plastic waste in offices comes from staff lunches. Therefore, a good place to begin is through a campaign to discourage ‘on-the-go lunches’. There are a few ways to achieve this.

The first option is to provide your employees with meals on site. This will mean that your company has direct control over the waste that is produced. Not only can you reduce the amount of plastic-wrapped shop-bought lunches that your staff go out and buy on their lunch break but you also have control over the suppliers you choose and can select those that only use responsible packaging.

If it’s not feasible to provide meals for your staff, encourage staff to bring their own lunches by providing them with good facilities to store and reheat their food – again, reducing the need for them to go out and buy plastic-wrapped food.

Provide Reusables in Kitchens

Disposable plastic cutlery, plates and cups are one of the biggest single-use plastic offenders. A single-use plastic utensil is useful for minutes and yet will stay in our environment for centuries. It’s much better to opt for reusable, washable utensils that can be used over and over again. Make sure you provide staff with enough utensils to be able to make and eat their lunch conveniently as well as ensuring you provide the facilities to wash them afterwards.

Cut Down on Tea and Coffee Plastic

Switch back to the milkman. Try to source milk delivered in reusable (and returnable) glass bottles. Additionally, sugar often comes in plastic pots. You can easily switch this out for sugar that comes in paper packets.

Most tea bags have plastic in them. Loose leaf tea is a plastic-free option but there are also plastic-free tea brands. There are even plenty of brands of coffee that are now opting for eco-friendly alternatives to plastic packaging.

Install a Water Cooler

Single-use plastic water bottles are among the most common items we find washed up on beaches. Globally we get through a million plastic bottles a minute. Put a ban on single-use water bottles in the office. Install a water-cooler (without the little plastic cups of course) where staff can refill their own water bottles. To keep this option completely plastic-free, choose a water cooler that is plumbed directly into the mains water supply rather than one that uses the plastic water vessels.

Reusable Mugs and Water Bottles

Providing staff with reusable coffee mugs and water bottles can support your efforts to eliminate single-use plastic cups and bottles in the office. Company branded mugs and bottles make a nice addition to your welcome pack for new employees and get your brand out there should these items end up in someone else’s cupboard. Why not throw in a recycled notebook or one of Pilot’s B2P Gel Pens too to really show that you are environmentally conscious?

Work With Your Suppliers

It’s not just staff that you can work with to reduce waste in your office. Choose suppliers that make a conscious effort to reduce their plastic packaging, that use environmentally friendly fleets and that do their bit to help protect our planet. Buy recycled products and recycle or reuse products that you no longer need. There are plenty of companies that you can work with to help you ensure that you are reducing your plastic waste right down to your supply chain.

Global Office Supplies

Global Office Supplies is on a mission to help companies go green. We can help you reduce your impact on the environment by supplying eco-friendly office supplies, print management and recycling services. What’s more, we can save you money in the process!

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