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Making a Sustainable Return to Work

Creating a Sustainable Return to Work

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives completely. Some of us are able to return to work completely, others are still required to work from home and some of us are somewhere in the middle; working from home when we can, but popping to the office every now and again when needs must.

However, the time we do spend in the office is much different to how it used to be; there are no more water cooler conversations or tea and coffee rounds and hot desking is pretty much out of the question.

In this time of uncertainty, where rules and regulations can change at the drop of a hat, it’s essential for businesses to adapt measures to make their workplace Covid-secure, minimise the risk of transmission between colleagues and make it easy for employees to transition from the office to the home office.

Some of the measures we need to put in place aren’t always the most environmentally friendly. Therefore, any business with a good Corporate Social Responsibility policy should take sustainability into consideration.

Here are some ways that business leaders can keep their staff safe while also taking sustainability into consideration:

Consider a Work-From-Home Blend

One thing positive that has come from the recent lockdowns is that it has made small and medium business owners feel differently about how they run the business and have a renewed focus on flexibility, proving that when working remotely with flexible hours staff can still carry out their duties to a high standard. Many have even noticed that staff are more productive when working flexible hours. Working from home is also good for the environment – less traffic on the roads leads to fewer emissions so cutting down on commuting can have a very positive impact.

Reusable Face Masks

Face coverings are likely to be an important part of making your business Covid-secure. In some cases, medical grade face masks are absolutely essential but where they are not essential, reusable, washable cotton face masks provide a good level of protection and are more environmentally friendly. You can even take advantage of the situation by providing your staff with high-quality branded reusable face masks to ensure they are in keeping with brands and uniforms.

While we all most likely have a few lying around the house by now, providing employees with washable, reusable face masks is much better for the environment than using a new, disposable mask every day, as they contain single-use plastics.

Cleaning Products

Obviously, cleaning products will play a big part in the fight against Covid-19. It’s essential that we provide hand sanitising stations, hot running water and soap in order for us and our staff to keep ourselves clean as well as ensuring desks and equipment are sanitised regularly.

Although we have had to increase the frequency in which clean, there are still things we can do to help the environment:

Where necessary, eco-friendly and biodegradable antibacterial wipes are available to help keep work stations and equipment clean.

We’ve Got You Covered

Global Office Supplies have everything you need to deliver clear signage and directions as well as promote good hygiene practices to help keep your workplace a Covid-secure environment.

Whether you need hand sanitiser stations, wall-mounted dispensers, antibacterial pens, sneeze shields, face shields, social distance stickers, signage, flags or banners, we have it covered.

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