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Need A Stationery Supplier In London For Free Same Day Toner Delivery??

Well luck will have it that Global Office Supplies is the solution to your problem! We have a warehouse located in Central London and as long as we are contacted before 2pm, we are able to deliver to anywhere within the London region on that very day!

So no more stretching of the Ink Cartridge to ensure your much needed print job can be completed, or a mad dash to the shops to replace the cartridge where we guarantee that when you get there you will forget the manufacture part number and will have to call the office to find out! It can be all simplified with one call to Global, who can alleviate that stress for you and deliver direct to your desk!

Now, as a environmentally friendly supplier – we appreciate this is not the most eco-friendly delivery service by encouraging extra traffic to go on the roads to solve your printer issue. Especially as we are forever encouraging our customers to consolidate their orders so that they can try to make the most of their stationery supplies before ordering (ie printing on both sides of paper) so that we have a minimal impact on the environment with our delivery fleet. However, we can help the environment by supplying re-manufactured toners instead of the original branded cartridge – this then prevents another original cartridge from heading to the landfill!

Furthermore recycled/re-manufactured toners are far cheaper than your original branded toners – in some cases by up to 60%! Which is a considerable saving when it is a known fact that branded printer cartridges are far smaller in capacity than what they use to be. For example the Epson T032 colour cartridge (released in 2002) is the same size as the Epson colour T089 (released in 2008). But the T032 contains 16ml of ink and the T089 contains just 3.5ml of ink. It’s a similar story with Hewlett Packard (HP) cartridges. A decade ago, the best-selling HP cartridge had 42ml of ink and sold for about £20. Today, the standard printer cartridges made by HP may contain as little as 5ml of ink but sell for about £13!!

So contact Global today to find out how we can save you time and money!!