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Need Branded Stationery?

Do you need branded stationery, or even if you just want to print stationery for a special event or conference you’re hosting? Global Office Supplies can provide you with a premium printed stationery service that can cater for all of your needs.

In today’s world, brand awareness is key and any opportunity to get your brand and company profile out into the world has the power to generate thousands of £££’s worth of new business. Just think of how often you’re looking for a pen to write something down, and low and behold, it has a company name or logo branded on the side (and we’re not just talking about BIC 🙂 )

But why stop at pen’s; stationery is not just limited to the usual items of paper and pens. Global Office Supplies can off printing of a whole range of products from business cards, presentation folders, CD/DVD covers and even personalised printed Oyster Card holders! All of these every day items have the power and potential to advertise your business or brand to hundreds, if not thousands of people.

Using only the highest quality inks and materials, Global Office Supplies ensure that the finished product you receive will be of the same high standards that you come to expect from the UK’s Green Choice for Your Office.
And don’t worry, we haven’t lost our environmental protective touch, wherever possible our Green at Work ethos is driven through our procurement and delivery work streams to ensure the most carbon efficient and environmentally friendly products are available.

So, go ahead, get in touch with our sales team to take advantage of our Printed Stationery service!

And whilst you’re there… check out our huge range of Green Office Stationery; We specialise in reusable products and recycled paper to help you go Green at Work!

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