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New Straw Initiatives to Go-Ahead in the UK

Lowering the use of plastic straws is now an important focus of the government, as they are now thinking of ways we can reduce our plastic waste. This comes not long after the disposable coffee cup and single-use carrier bag initiatives. It is common knowledge that plastic is polluting our oceans so this comes as no surprise, we can only hope that all businesses start to think about their plastic waste and transform into a green office.

The Negative Effects of Straws

Plastic straws, if not recycled, have a lot of negative effects on the environment, more than you may realise. For example:

  • Straws are often littered and left on beaches.
  • Aquatic life is being injured or killed as they are more likely to ingest plastic into their system.
  • They are difficult to recycle as they are very light-weight and small, meaning they tend to fall out of recycling machines.
  • They are non-biodegradable.

Fortunately, some businesses have recognised this and are doing their best to limit the use of plastic straws.

Businesses Leading the Way in the UK…


In March 2018, McDonald’s announced that it is going to start phasing out the use of plastic straws in its restaurants as they will now opt for paper straws instead. This became a company priority when many customers expressed their concerns and passions that the company take a more eco-friendly approach. The paper straws are set to hit the UK soon so keep an eye out and let us know what you think.


In January 2018, Nando’s placed a poll on their Facebook page asking its customers if they would prefer to have straws on request as opposed to out in the open. The results identified that 91% of the total 6,100 voters would prefer them to be on a request basis.

This now means that if you are planning a trip to Nando’s and would like a straw, you must ask for one. Although we do advise that you look at the effects straws can have and recycle your straw if you do request one.

Will You Follow in These Footsteps?

If your business produces straws, or any plastic waste, are you going to look into ways to transform yourself into a green workplace? We’re here to help and guide your through the process of reaching your green targets, so why not get in touch today?


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