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Ribena to Trial 100% Recyclable Straws

Ribena to Trial 100% Recyclable Straws

We’ve all been a bit distracted recently. The Coronavirus pandemic has taken the spotlight away from other important issues making it easy for us to forget or put environmental issues to the back of our minds.

Although the world has slowed down somewhat since COVID-19 has put us on lockdown, forcing shops and businesses to reduce their output and making highstreets and towns less busy, plastic pollution is still a very real and growing concern.

It’s Not Going Away

Plastic pollution has been a hot topic for many years. There are countless reports of the damage it is causing to the planet – polluting our oceans and shorelines, causing irreversible harm to wildlife and ecosystems. We have witnessed horror stories of sea turtles ingesting plastic waste, millions of hermit crabs becoming trapped after mistaking plastic bottles for new homes and stories of whales washed up on shores with stomachs full of plastic.

It is well documented that millions of tonnes of plastic waste ends up in our seas and rivers every year; in the UK alone, around 5,000 different kinds of plastic have been found per mile on beaches. Marine conservation charities have also reported that there are more than 150 plastic bottles scattered across every mile of the beaches in the UK.

Making a Difference

Currently, there are a number of organisations that are trying to help us win the war on plastic. These range from charities such as The Ocean Cleanup that has developed a way to successfully remove plastic from the great pacific garbage patch, governments around the world that are introducing bans on plastic, new ways to reduce plastic consumption, and companies that are doing their bit to reduce the amount of plastic they produce.

Ribena Trial 100% Recyclable Straws

It was recently reported that Ribena has joined the war on plastic and has become the first major UK drinks brand to trial 100 percent recyclable straws. The company that owns Ribena, Suntory Beverage and Food Great Britain and Ireland, claim that this move will prevent up to 16 tonnes of plastic being produced each year and tackle plastic packaging that is not commonly recycled.

Plastic straws are renowned for being difficult to recycle and are often found in the ocean, on beaches and in the digestive tracts of various wildlife.

Ribena’s paper straws are due to be trialled in it’s “blackcurrant no added sugar” cartons in Tesco stores. However, they will still be packaged in plastic until the company finds a suitable and more sustainable alternative.

Taking Responsibility

We are happy to see that more and more companies are taking responsibility for the plastic packaging they produce. Straws are only a tiny part of the plastic pollution problem, but this decision shows a commitment to making a difference.

We hope that more companies will get on board to fight the war on plastic so we can all work our way to a more sustainable future.

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