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Send a Promotional Gift this Christmas

Promotional Gifts

It’s been a strange and unusual year but we’ve finally made it to the end!

We’ve had a lot thrown at us over the last twelve months. We’ve had to change our way of life completely; the way we shop, the way we work, the way we socialise, everything has changed.

Those of us that have been fortunate enough to remain working have either been confined to a makeshift home office or an adapted and restricted workspace filled with screens, sanitiser and social distancing measures.

Christmas is approaching and, while it may be different to what we are used to, it’s still time to spread some cheer and merriment and show our colleagues and clients that we appreciate them.

Normally by now, it is likely that you will have organised some little gifts or tokens of appreciation for your clients that tie in with your marketing plan for the year. However, the ever-turbulent year of 2020 has left many of us unprepared and left scrambling for ideas.

We’ve Got You Covered

As always, Global Office Supplies has got you covered. We stock and supply a range of high-quality promotional gifts that will not only show your customers that you are thinking of them but that will act as a constant reminder of your services and what you can do for them.

Pens, Mugs and Bags

Every office needs pens, mugs and reusable bags. A more traditional gift, but a good one nonetheless. Our high quality pens and mugs are sure to become the recipients’ favourite, and printed with a custom message, logo or phone number will help them to keep your brand at the front of their mind. Our bags also provide a high-quality eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic which not only helps the recipient to reduce their plastic waste, but every time they take it out, your brand goes with them.

USB Tech

Everyone needs a USB pen drive. Whether it’s for storing or transferring documents from one place to another or to keep secure password files on, most office workers will always have one on their person. A USB drive with your information on means that you are always with them too. Furthermore, when that USB drive gets passed from person to person, so does your brand.

Hand Sanitiser and PPE

A less traditional idea, but one that everyone needs at the moment. A gift of reusable sanitiser bottles that bear your logo, or a mask with your details on, will surely be welcomed by anyone. They will likely be used everyday, again, reminding people of your brand and what you do.

Global Office Supplies

Global Office Supplies have everything you need to help get your brand out there. Form customised and refillable sanitiser bottles to pens and mugs, our high-quality promotional gifts serve as a constant reminder to new and existing customers.

We also have everything you need to promote good hygiene practices in your workplace and help keep it COVID-secure. Whether you need hand sanitiser stations, wall-mounted dispensers, antibacterial pens, sneeze shields, face shields, social distance stickers, signage, flags or banners, we have it covered.

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