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Sustainability Tips for Your Office

With emissions higher than ever before, you may be wondering, how can a business be environmentally friendly? The answer is simple, implement a number of procedures until your office is fully sustainable. Some of our favourite procedures would be:

Never Leave Lights on Overnight

Light On

There’s no point in having the light on in your staff room all day if no one is using it, so why leave it on? Turn the lights off when not needed to help your office go green, and never leave them on overnight.

You can even go one step further and only use natural light. Artificial lights account for around 40 percent of electricity consumption in standard office buildings, so the easiest way to reduce this is to turn them off. You won’t have to worry about sitting in the dark if you work around it, open the blinds fully and decorate your office with bright colours, reflective surfaces and plants. Painting the walls a light colour, for example, will ensure light reflects throughout the room, especially if you use high-gloss paint. That way, artificial light is not always necessary, and if you do need to use lights, make sure you use LED light bulbs where possible as these use a lot less energy.

Create Your Own Environmental Policy

There are many green office practices out there that will help your office become sustainable, but it is important that you find what works best for you. Do some research, or contact a green office expert to help you create the best, most relevant environmental policy.

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Introduce a Cycle to Work or Carshare Scheme

Cycle to Work SchemeThe cycle to work scheme is up-and-coming in the UK and the government has introduced a Finance Act that promotes a healthier journey to work, for workers and the environment. This scheme allows employers to loan tax-free bikes and safety equipment for staff.

If your employees don’t seem up for this, then why not promote car sharing? That way, they still get the convenience of driving to work, but they are using fewer emissions to do so.

Get Some Eco-friendly Office Supplies

Purchasing eco-friendly office supplies and stationery is essential as they are made from recycled material and can be recycled when needed. Fewer emissions will be released into the environment, and you will not clog up landfill sites with your waste. Global Office Supplies offer a wide range of green office supplies and will collect your old stationery for free. So next time you think about purchasing a bulk order of office supplies, think to yourself; am I harming the environment in the process?

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