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The Hybrid Chair Trend

In the interest of wellbeing, many companies around the UK are investing in Hybrid Chairs for the workplace. The importance surrounding supportive and adaptive posture seating and the evolving workplace has lead to increased investment in creating the new seating option known as Hybrid Chairs.

What are Hybrid Chairs?

Hybrid Chairs incorporate many features of the traditional office chair, but with added features found on task or operator chairs. On the surface, Hybrid Chairs don’t look any different to what we are used to finding in the office. However, they include extra back comfort and lumbar support, ideal for those working at computers for long hours.

With employee wellbeing being an important focus in many offices, Hybrid Chairs are becoming increasingly popular, supporting other ergonomic improvements such as adjustable desks.

Maintain Stimulating and Healthy Environments for Employees

As the physical office and work tasks continue to evolve, we must continue to evaluate the office environment and adjust it accordingly to ensure employees are willing and able to come to work every day and remain creative and focused.

The use of common office equipment such as computer laptops and phones has created some unique challenges. Increasing awareness of existing and potential ergonomic issues in the office. Knowing how to adjust the office workstation to fit the worker, using proper work practices and following proven ergonomic processes within your organisation can improve overall comfort and productivity.

5 Steps to Ergonomic Success

    1. Understand office ergonomics
      Understanding office ergonomics properly helps to provide the right solution and provide a positive and healthy working environment.
    2. Understand Ergonomic Injuries
      Awkward posture, high force or long frequency are all important ergonomic risk factors. Having a comprehensive understanding of the risks can help us to prevent injury.
    3. Identify Your Ergonomic Challenges
      Once you have identified what needs fixing, you can adjust or change your office to reduce or eliminate exposure to the risks.
    4. Set Up Your Workstation
      The Four Points of Contact Model (eyes to the source; hands to input devices; feet to the floor; and the body to the chair) teaches us how to identify ergonomic issues. Set up your workstation based on this model and educate your staff to identify ergonomic issues and encourage them to take action.
    5. Select the Right Equipment
      Select the right equipment such as chairs, adjustable workstations, keyboards, input devices, monitors, monitor stands etc. to ensure that the risk of ergonomic injury in the office is reduced.

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