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The Importance of Office Recycling

Office Recycling

There are many reasons as to why we should recycle, the main one being to save our planet and reverse the negative effects of climate change we have created. Over the years, pollution levels have risen, sea levels are higher than ever before and the planet has been getting warmer and warmer. Therefore, we must do what we can to change this, and the most simple way to start is to recycle.

Recycling helps save energy and money, clean the environment and reduce rubbish within landfills, as well as allowing us to create brand new materials from the waste we wanted to get rid of.

Did You Know We Use Recycled Materials to Create Green Office Supplies?

The Benefits of Recycling

Lowering the Release of Toxic Fumes

Each year, offices within the UK produce over 250 million tonnes of harmful waste and release toxic emissions into our atmosphere, contaminating the air and adding to the deterioration of our planet. Recycling gives us the perfect opportunity to stop adding to landfill sites and allows us to transform our waste into useable office supplies such as paper, books, labels, pens and even adhesives and tapes.

Job Opportunities

As well as helping the environment, recycling can also help local communities as it opens a wide range of job opportunities across the globe. The recycling industry even needs more employees than conventional waste management as it needs workers for roles such as recycling collection, manufacturers, distributors, advisors and managers.

Positive Brand Recognition

If your company is willing to do their bit and recycle waste, you’ll get the added bonus of positive brand recognition. Customers will recognise your efforts and will see you as a reputable brand and, therefore, your customer loyalty will improve. Recycling will help boost your brand image, help you gain more clients and maintain the ones you already have. It’s a very smart business move.

Global Office Supplies

Global Office Supplies offer a wide range of services to help your office go green. We produce recycled office supplies and offer print management, paper shredding and recycling and sustainability services at the click of a button. Not only do we help save the environment but we also help you save money along the way.

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