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The Robin Hood Tax: The Most Popular Tax In History?

With billions of pounds needed to help tackle poverty and climate change, we think it’s fair to ask bankers and traders to pay a little more. And it seems that huge numbers of people agree.

The Robin Hood Tax campaign has been setup to promote support for the tax and it’s calling for a new tax on the damaging, speculative and largely socially useless financial trades that caused the downturn. The campaign wants to help Robin get a million people to sign up to the ‘Million Strong’ petition. Over 635,000 people are already on board – and to add your name just visit the following link

The UK Government seems fiercely opposed to taxing the financial transactions that prop up the City of London. The campaign wants to show that there’s massive public support for it to change its position. And with 11 other European countries soon to meet to thrash out how their own Financial Transaction Tax will work, it’s time to push them to make their tax ambitious and effective.

It’s estimated that a decent tax could raise up to €34 billion per year, from the EU11 alone, for the fight against climate change and to help international development. It could also help to discourage the free-wheeling casino capitalism that does so little to build a sustainable and fair economy – it is all about being Global Friendly!