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Transforming Your Rented Office Into an Eco-Friendly Working Environment

Researching ways to help transform your rented office into an eco-friendly working environment is the start of your green office transition. In order to help make this task as easy as possible for you, we have a variety of services on offer and have placed some of our green office tips below to get your ideas flowing.

Keep an Eye on Your Usage

First things first, keep an eye on your usage, whether that be in terms of energy or office supplies. Keeping your appliances on overnight or printing hundreds of pieces of paper each day is very damaging for the environment as it creates high levels of office waste and increases your energy consumption.

To avoid this, you could start keeping track of how much paper is printed and encourage your coworkers to store their files electronically, only printing essential documents.

As well as this, encourage members of your office to start switching off appliances when they are not being used and find green alternatives to generate electricity such as solar panels. Switching your conventional light bulbs for energy saving ones can also be a big help. Whatever you choose, why not contact a green office expert to guide you through the process and save costs where possible?

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Purchase Green Office Supplies

Purchasing green office supplies is a must when it comes to transforming your office. You should use stationery supplies that have been made from recycled materials and even send them off for recycling when you’re done with them.

Global Office Supplies allows you to consistently use eco-friendly products and not worry about how your actions negatively affect the environment. Take a look our selection of green office supplies, which we can deliver to London based offices on the same day as purchasing.

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Implement Eco-Friendly Services

Not only do we create green office supplies from recycled materials, we also have a wide range of eco-friendly services to help companies lower their emissions and transition towards a greener office. Our services are highly effective and we have helped many companies across the UK reach emissions targets and save money along the way. If you would like to find out more information, please feel free to contact Global Office Supplies today on 0845 519 1556, email to or by filling out the contact form on our contact page.

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