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UK’s First Industrial-Scale Cradle To Cradle Project Gets OK

Waste is expensive and toxic. Too much waste leads to higher prices and lower profit margins. Some people think that’s just the way it is, but they’re wrong. Cradle to cradle ideology allows us to see waste as a resource rather than a problem to be hidden or buried underground.

A new project in London seeks to show businesses just how much they could benefit by engaging in this type of circular economy. Permission was recently granted for the United Kingdom’s first industrial scale cradle to cradle demonstration project, an effort that will turn waste from businesses housed at the London Sustainable Industries Park into a building material for green roofs.

UK businesses can go even further with their attempts with how to be green at work, embracing the Cradle to Cradle Project is one measure but they can also use environmentally friendly recycled products such as recycled paper and remanufactured toners! These products are a great step to help company’s become a green office through the products they use, moreover they cut costs too! For further information in how your business can make these steps, call us today on 0845 519 1556 and find out how Global Office Supplies can help.