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What’s Lurking in Your Keyboard?

Whats Lurking in Your Keyboard

Take a look at your keyboard, what can you see lurking in there? Better still, turn it over and give it a gentle tap on the back. What can you see? Crumbs? Dust? Hair? It’s pretty disgusting, right? I hate to tell you this, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Studies show that our computer keyboards and laptops could be brimming with bacteria and microorganisms which could cause all manner of illness.

Eating Habits

Studies show that your keyboard could contain more bacteria than the average toilet seat. This is due to the average worker eating and drinking at their desks. Dropping pieces of food, not cleaning up spilt drinks and leaving wrappers and food packaging on desks attracts all sorts of nasties. And, we’re not just talking bacteria and insects, in some cases, even droppings have been found hidden away in the insides of keyboards.

Poor Hygiene

It’s not just eating habits that contribute the germs in your keyboard. Poor hygiene, from you and your colleagues, is also a big factor. Germs can easily latch on to phones, headsets, computer mice and desktop surfaces, as well as other shared office supplies such as pens and other stationery. These germs can then easily be transferred and hidden away inside your keyboard. Each time one of your colleagues sneezes or doesn’t wash their hands properly, there is a likelihood that whatever bug they have, will end up in your keyboard.

Keeping Clean

The bacteria and germs that can build up around our workstations can make us more likely to get ill. Therefore, by doing everything you can to prevent germs from collecting in your keyboard, you increase your chances of staying healthy. By avoiding eating at your desk, washing your hands properly after visiting the bathroom you can eliminate some of the biggest causes of bacteria.

Cleaning your gadgets – phones, keyboards, printers and other computer peripherals – and your desk space with antibacterial wipes can also ensure that any nasty bacteria they pick up is dealt with.

Use tissues to catch your germs when you sneeze and dispose of them straight away.

Avoid sharing office supplies. How many times have you caught yourself chewing on the end of a pen, and how many times have your colleagues done the same? If you lend them out, give them a wipe over when they are returned.

Replace Old Equipment

Old, well-used office stationery can also be a haven for germs and bacteria. It’s probably time to replace some of your equipment if you want to remain healthy and keep a fit workforce.

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