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Who is leading the way in becoming the UK’s Most Sustainable Retailer?

Well although it something we are aspiring to achieve here at Global, unfortunately we are not yet the most sustainable retailer in the UK but hat’s off to Marks & Spencer who are pioneering the way!

While here at Global we are intent on showing UK business’s how to be green at work by providing green office supplies, M&S states that its stores; offices, delivery fleets and warehouses in the UK and Ireland are now carbon-neutral. The company achieved this by improving energy efficiency at its stores, while purchasing “high quality offsets” to balance out the rest of its emissions. Overall, M&S’ CO2 emissions are down 23% since the company’s 2006-2007 fiscal year. Among the many statistics the company touts is the fact its stores’ energy efficiency per square foot has increased 31% since their focus on this area started in 2007.

As for waste, M&S’ most impressive accomplishment is the progress of its ‘Shwopping’ initiative. The partnership with the non-profit, Oxfam, in which customers can drop off unwanted garments at M&S stores across the UK, has diverted almost 4 million articles of clothing out of landfills and netted the NGO £2.3 million for various programs

This is great social and corporate responsibility from a leading UK retailer, from whose example we all can follow.

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