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Winter Is Coming – Be Prepared

The winter months and dark nights are drawing near and the record summer temperatures are soon to be a distant memory. In recent years many of us have found ourselves ill-equipped when it comes to winter, with extreme cold weather leaving us stranded and forced to close business until the cold snap is over. Now November is here, it’s time to prepare for every eventually so that business can resume as normal, no matter what the weather throws at us.

We are sure that you are already prepared and have procedures in place, but just in case you’ve missed anything, here are some tips for getting the office ready for winter.

Check Your Heating

If you haven’t had your heating checked in a while, it might be a good idea to get it checked over by a professional. You don’t want it to break down as soon as you need to use it, getting it checked now and making necessary adjustments will save you paying the emergency call out costs.

Get the Snacks in

It’s not just the practicalities (or impracticalities) of bad weather that we need to prepare for, its the emotional effect that winter has on us all. Miserable dark, cold and wet days leave us feeling sluggish. A hot drink and a biscuit can pick us up when we’re feeling low, make sure the office kitchen is well stocked for winter.

Lamps and Plants

Lack of light in the winter months is related to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Make sure the office is well lit (remember to use eco-friendly LED lighting) to avoid the winter blues. Plenty of greenery can also help to pick up the mood.

Emergency Car Kits

Encourage your employees to keep an emergency kit in their cars in case they get stuck in the snow. A shovel, snow chains, warm clothing, food and water and a reflective jacket can get them out of a pickle and help them to arrive at the office safely.

Get Gritting

Make sure you are stocked up on grit and warning signs. You don’t want to wait until it is too late. Make sure all your entrances and exits are safe for staff, customers and visitors.

Stock Up on Office Supplies

The last thing you want to have to contend with when battling the winter elements is running out of essential office supplies. Make sure you are stocked up on paper, toner, stationery and other office essentials. If you do find yourself short, remember, Global Office Supplies can deliver cost-effective eco-friendly office supplies direct to your door. We can deliver orders placed before 2pm to most London addresses the very same day, even in adverse weather conditions.

Stay prepared and have a safe winter!

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