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Work in London? Free Same Day Office Delivery…

Although it appears a worrying fact that in 1969, walking made up 40% of all trips but in 2008 walking trips decreased to 11%. In reality it is just a reflection on how much society has changed in 40 years

However as our social and working lives surround and endorse industrial processes which harm our environment, over the past 40 years measures have been put in place and constantly refined to ensure that we live as environmentally friendly as we can!

One of the most recent common measures is to use a local supplier where possible, with the thinking being that by shortening the supply chain the carbon footprint left by the transaction is significantly reduced benefiting the environment and with ever increasing green taxes lowering costs too!

Moreover there is a common fear that as much as businesses may enjoy the idea of supporting local suppliers, it usually results in a substantial price difference. Global Office Supplies offers a positive solution to businesses based in London to go green at work by offering competitive prices and can take advantage of a Central London warehouse and our own delivery fleet and receive free same day delivery!