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Where does our Plastic Recycling Go?

To many of us, recycling gives us the satisfaction we need to carry on without a care in the world as to what happens to our rubbish. The truth is, no matter what we do has a profound effect on the environment, so much so that even recycling can cause a lot of damage to […]

Go Green when Shredding your Documents

If you’re worried about identity theft or secure documents from your business getting into the wrong hands and the environment; Global Office Supplies have the perfect solution for you and your Green Office! Our shredding service does not only give you piece of mind that your information is safe, we’re also the UK’s Premier Green […]

Need Printer Paper Today?

Need printer paper today, but your suppliers can’t deliver until tomorrow? Global Office Supplies have your back and if you order paper before 2pm, we can deliver it to you TODAY! That’s right, in less than 24 hours, we can have your order delivered by one of our many Energy efficient vans from across the […]

Need Branded Stationery?

Do you need branded stationery, or even if you just want to print stationery for a special event or conference you’re hosting? Global Office Supplies can provide you with a premium printed stationery service that can cater for all of your needs. In today’s world, brand awareness is key and any opportunity to get your […]

How Many Trees are Left on Earth?

If you’ve ever wondered how many trees there are left on this wonderful planet of ours, you’re not the only one! Luckily new research into this question has finally provided us with one of the most accurate counts: 3.04 Trillion! According to those who carried out the research, this finding has an expected accuracy of […]